Debit Order

In order for us to meet our obligations to the children, their families and the school, we need commitment from you, the donor. By completing this form, you are committing to helping the selected child throughout the duration of their schooling years. The nominated amount will therefore be automatically debited from your account until you ask us to stop the donations, if your circumstances happen to change and you can no longer meet the commitment.
Thank you for your support.

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Bank Account Details

Amount to be Debited

Amount to be debited per month in Rand (Please note the minimum monthly amount is R200)

Month of First Debit (All donations are deducted on the 1st of every month or the closest working day)

Key Information

  • Fulcrum Collections facilitates the debit order collection on behalf of Bokamoso Education Trust (IT 3501/2008).
  • Fulcrum Collections can be contacted at
  • From time to time the minimum monthly donation will be increased by an inflationary related amount. Bokamoso Education Trust will notify and confirm any changes with you via email.
  • This authority may be cancelled by giving Bokamoso Education Trust 30 days notice via the following email address –
  • Please direct any queries to

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