We believe education is essential in uplifting the youth of South Africa, providing them the best chance of a sustainable future. As we look to support a growing number of children, we are always pleased to come across like-minded individuals who are passionate about our vision to fund the dreams of children in South Africa.

We recently caught up with Oliver Bath from UK (originally from South Africa) who, together with some of his mates formed an initiative called run777 – a challenge of running seven different marathons, in seven countries, for seven consecutive days, whilst raising funds to support a great cause.

Each participant will have prepared for over six months and invested over 1,500 km (150 hours) as they prepare to take on the physical, logistical and mental challenge.

How did you learn about Bokamoso Education Trust?

I was fortunate enough to be invited to a fundraising golf day hosted by Bokamoso Trust UK a couple of years ago. It’s here that I learnt of the amazing work the guys are doing and decided then that run777 would elect Bokamoso as it’s preferred charity. 

How was run777 born?

Me and a few local running mates (unofficially named the Sounds Good Run Club) had all run at least one marathon, experienced the euphoria of crossing the finishing line for the first time, yet hungered and hankered for more. Initially dismissed as ridiculous – as most grand ambitions are – it gradually gained acceptance. The path to goosebumps, elation and joyful tears became clear. We had to go further…7 marathons in 7 countries in 7 days. We then formulated a plan, secured a coach, and started our seven months of training and run777 was born.

run777 crew

What is the idea behind run777?

The idea behind run777 is that it isn’t a race to the finish line. It is an epic adventure of achievement, camaraderie, breathtaking scenery and pushing yourself and teammates to achieve something we never thought possible, whilst raising funds for charity that will improve children’s lives.

What does it take to prepare for run777?

Training through a European winter or African summer is no small feat. Starting in September 2018 each runner kicked off their training with 40km per week, building at 10% a week to meet the 100km weekly target, which according to our coach will have us ready to take on the challenge. 

Over the course of the seven months each runner will clock over 1,500 km of running – to put it in perspective, that’s the distance from Jozi to Cape Town. Although the bulk of the training milage completed by each runner was done solo (due to full-time jobs and family responsibilities), the runners still managed to remotely support and motivate each other using social media platforms –  Strava, Facebook, WhatsApp. Coupled with the group camaraderie was the motivation of running for Bokamoso Education Trust. 

Why it is particularly important to you and your teammates that you support Bokamoso Education Trust in this way?

Two words: ‘education and children’. There really isn’t anything more important that doing what we can to build a better future for our (all of our) children. 

How can people help you in your cause to raise funds for Bokamoso Education Trust?

Last year, with the support of friends, family and colleagues we managed to raise an astonishing €13,497 (R217 550,07). This year, with your everyone’s support, we hope to add to this and help Bokamosa continue its amazing work. 

If you would like to support this great initiative, you can find our GivenGain event donation page here.

run777 is set to take off from 12 May – 18 May 2019, in the following countries:

Locations that inspired run777 2019 route. From top left: Lake Anncey, Konstanz, Bergenz, Liechtenstein, Lake Como
  • 12/05/2019 – Marathon 1 Switzerland (42.2km) – Geneva official city marathon
  • 13/05/2019 – Marathon 2 France (42.2km) – Lake Anncey loop
  • 14/05/2019 – Marathon 3 Italy (42.2km) – Lake Como – Bellagio to Como port
  • 15/05/2019 – Marathon 4 Liechtenstein (42.2km) – Liechtenstein country crossing
  • 16/05/2019 – Marathon 5 Austria (42.2km) – West Austrian Hard loop
  • 17/05/2019 – Marathon 6 Germany (42.2km) – Konstanz medieval lake run
  • 18/05/2019 – Marathon 7 UK (42.2km) – Surrey home stretch

We wish run777 crew all the best for the marathon.