Our Story

It all started in the year 2008… in a small suburb in a Northern part of Johannesburg. Seven regular guys in their early twenties, starting out their careers with little knowledge that a “good idea” would positively influence and, quite literally, change the lives of so many individuals and their families.

These seven regular guys, some doing their articles, others their first year of work experience, had employed a lady by the name of Francina as their domestic worker. Francina was caring for her son, Mathias, who, every day would stay at the ‘digs’ with not much to do… but Francina faced what thousands, if not millions, of South Africans, face daily. How does a person like herself offer her son the best education possible in order for him to make a success of himself in this land of opportunity? 

These seven, ambitious and working young men recognised the need and desire Francina had in her heart to offer her son something more. After months of getting to know Mathias, being greeted by him at the gate every evening after they returned home from work, a bond had begun forming. In a small way, they had become like ‘father figures’ to Mathias. A certain sense of responsibility and care led these young men to put their heads together. They had a plan.

R72 per month, multiplied by the seven digs-mates would be able to fund Mathias to go to school. After some intense investigations, a private school, not far from the digs, was an amazing option. Fees that were much more affordable than an average private school, but offering a world-class education. This was the answer! Little Mathias was going to be given an opportunity to become the best little South African citizen he could be!

And now… fifteen years later, our little Mathias is a confident and happy post Matric child thriving on the opportunity that was given to him. Mathias was the spark of inspiration of what is now the Bokamoso Education Trust offering financial support for over seventy children (and growing!). We rely solely on the kindness of our individual donors as well as many corporate organisations.


Our philosophy: “on your own, it may be difficult to make a difference, but collectively, every little bit helps, and this can be a catalyst for great change”.


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Building 1 Waverley Office Park, 15 Forest Road, Bramley, 2090


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