I am currently 26 years old and work as an Actuary at Discovery Life in the Strategic Projects team. I can certainly say that this role reflects the attainment of a dream and pursuit of a passion I have held for many years growing up – being able to work with numbers, communicate ideas and solve challenging problems while having a real impact on people’s lives.
We are mainly responsible for ensuring the financial soundness of the business by analysing risk and developing solutions that are innovative to help manage that risk in the interests of clients and all other stakeholders.

Some of my other interests during time away from work include following all varieties of sport, particularly the South African favourites like cricket, rugby and golf, and enjoy playing these on a social level with family and friends.
My greatest calling I feel is in charitable work and trying to make a real impact on those that have far less of a privileged life than I have been truly blessed to enjoy. I love the mentoring aspect of working with Bokamoso and by so doing develop a really strong bond with a child; nurturing and uplifting children is something that brings me real joy. I also enjoy contributing to feeding schemes and any other projects to alleviate suffering in which one can not only assist from afar financially but more so on a hands-on basis.

I would say that my ultimate goal in life is to develop spiritually as a person and be as great an ambassador for all the goodness that exists in humanity as possible. The more lives we can touch positively, the happier we can ultimately be ourselves by witnessing a more equal, loving and joyous world. Bokamoso gives us a previous opportunity to harness the power of education in paving the way to a brighter future and for this, I cherish my association with them so very much.